Stamps on the Subject of Keeping Fit

Fitness and Health Captured in Stamps (1995)

Finally I found a stamp on the subject of fitness.

It didn’t take long as soon as I stopped looking for an American one. This one is Swedish…probably.

I think people have the wrong ideas about fitness and metabolism and heart health. Everyone is doing it incorrectly.

more efficient weight loss

Fitness doesn’t mean jogging aimlessly around the place at high speed or lifting so many weights that you tear your muscles apart. (Although you are MEANT to tear your muscles because it’s the growing back that makes them grow stronger.)

Schnell Abnehmen

Perdre du poids

more efficient fitness

Fitness just means being comfortable doing what you have to do day today. Do what you normally do without running out of breath.

Atleast that’s my interpretation.

I like to think that people misunderstand fitness and they think it means absolutely destroying your muscles and your immune system just so you can have big muscles.

efficient and rapid slimming ideas

Are only people with big muscles fit? No.

Lou Ferrigno and Arnold Schwarzenegger are ‘fit’ but you can be fit and not have many muscles.

slimming down more efficiently

More clearly you can be fit and have smaller muscles.

Running on a treadmill for hours and hours might be good for some people but it can be a bit much…

Here’s something I doscovered from a fantastic Doctor that not many people know:

When you sweat you are actually expelling good vital minerals from your body…Did you jear what I typed? They are VITAL…

Vital minerals…even more vital than Coca cola and the biggest macs.

If you sweat too many things out of your body like iron and selenium and zinc and potassium then you have to put those elements back in to your body.

But a lot of people don’t know about that.

They think that sweating non-stop is a really great getting fit method but it just means that you’re losing a lot of the good minerals that are meant to be inside your body.

The reason they’re called vitamins is because the word actually stands for two things: vital and mineral.

Some people say it stands for vital and amine.

Some of the best joggers in the world have died very young. Some joggers have become quite old and are still alive but many famous athletes have died before the age of 67.

The greatest athletes in the world were totaslly unaware they were sweating all the vital minerals out of their body.

They thought, since they had no fat on them, they were fantastically fit. And they kind-of were.

But it’s just not the case – they were they were technically fit – but their body didn’t have enough nutrients in it to keep them alive. Their electrochmical balance was thrown off – just like pouring saltwater onta a computer circuit board…Don’t do it.

The hippopotamus is the most feared and ferocious animal in the jungle – is it fit and sleek and slender? No. It’s a bit chubby.

Which brings me to opera singers: Why are opera singers so fat? They have incredible stamina and amazing vocal chords and throat muscles. I wonder what would happen if an opera singer spent a few weeks on a treadmill…Does it mean that they’re going to lose their amazing singing voice? Or does it just mean that the treadmill is going to need to be replaced?