Stamps With Helicopters On Them

I finally found some stamps with helicopters on them…I love collecting stamps and some of my favourite stamps have amazing pictures on them.

For example I am a big fan of aeroplanes and helicopters and quadcopters and drones and 747 and Concordes and lorikeets and parrots.

I love parrots. It’s like having a pet cat that can fly.

I like all kinds of stamps and I think I even like the stamps that don’t have aeroplanes on them but I really enjoy aeroplanes because they remind me of international travel.

Is there anything more fun than international travel?

And many of my favourite stamps have all different kinds of helicopters and I find it interesting that stamps are used to carry our letters and cards around the world and many times a stamp that has a helicopter on it was not even brought to your letterbox by a helicopter. How ironic.

For a while I was wondering who invented the helicopter – and then I discovered it was ,that crazy bearded hermit,Leonardo Da Vinci.

Leonardo was an extremely good painter,maybe he had other hobbies, and also invented the helicopter, possibly in his spare time.

What else did he invent? The scissors.